Promo that I filmed for Tracc Films (Dir. Matt West)

VR teaser film edit and colour grade. Client:

Four short portraits on migrants edited for Deutsche Welle. Client: Fulmidas

Concert I filmed for musician Li-Chun Su

One of 14 event videos I created for agency Etventure

Piece to camera for the LSE Learning Technology and Innovation department

Piece to camera for a Westminster PR agency focused on government policies

From a testimonial series edited and translated for Connected Pictures

Last summer I joined Elrha on their 3-day retreat to create this short film about the event

One of a number of promo films I directed, shot and edited for paint company AkzoNobel, this one about their Science Scholarship programme. Client: Portland Communications

An interactive short to train NHS medical staff which I had the pleasure to edit (Dir. Martin Percy)

One of dozens of videos and short films I shot and edited over the past two years for the London School of Economics

I was approached by Cambridge Nanosystems to create a film about the company and the quite stunning materials they are working on

Made this teaser for an event hosted by the Elrha team

Promo shot for Rabbit Island Productions (Dir. Mark Bowsher)

Event promo shot and edited for a local production company

Film for CTRL Group who specialise in researching and designing health care technology

© Maik Kleinschmidt